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I work as an article contributor and advertiser for - an online business newspaper that has the latest business news as well as reviews and a books section where one can purchase material, and I can be contacted at [email protected] or else at the Online Newspaper's Contact Form at

To polish my writing and critical analysis skills, I contribute to Physics Stack Exchange. I also write plugins for WordPress, and I was a one-time contributor to the WordPress Famous 5 Minute Install article.

I also have substantial experience with RF Engineering and high-speed circuit design, having worked for Vishay on their RF Chip Antenna line of products. My RF Engineering CV is linked here.

On top of all of that, I have a lot of experience with Physics - having designed and build my own plasma chambers for etching as well as plasma vacuum pumps. And I have published also professionally - starting out right out of high school with a DCON plasma fusion paper coauthored with Alan Glasser (he had the PhD then, and I was right out of high school).

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