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50 votes

Why can't we be more aggressive on low-quality posts?

35 votes

Are 10K users less gullible?

28 votes

Do pure "machine learning" questions belong to Stack Overflow?

26 votes

Close and Triage queues need a downvote option. No, really

19 votes

Why don't people carefully read my question, even after placing a bounty?

14 votes

What should one do with a question where the questioner seems unable to understand compile error messages?

13 votes

Lack of statistical normalization (in tag badges) of merit system penalizes effort in favor of popularity

12 votes

Burninate the [naming-conventions] tag

11 votes

Do users upvote out of sympathy, and how should that be addressed?

8 votes

Downvote vs vote to close question

5 votes

How does SE remember my preferences without a POST but just a GET?

5 votes

Can a question about implementing a protocol be made a good fit?

5 votes

What is the proper way to update an answer when it is no longer valid?

4 votes

Is it answering a question if you tell them their premise is wrong?

4 votes

Which close reason to use for two questions in one post?

4 votes

Are high rep users assumed to have 'done their homework'?

3 votes

What is the motivation to use Stack Overflow Jobs over just using Indeed?

2 votes

People reached stat is a bit... optimistic

2 votes

How can I view a suggested edit from profile review activity?

1 vote

Let's nuke [publish] and [publishing]

0 votes

Gamification rules have to be changed. Aiming quality, not quantity

0 votes

Is it worth re-editing when a reviewer's "reject and edit" fails to fix problems that you fixed?

-9 votes

Plagiarism from Wikipedia survived for 3 years in the C# tag excerpt