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73 votes

Why do you stay?

38 votes

Why is the popular "How much research effort is expected" answer deleted?

35 votes

Min-Reprex: a less awkward name for MCVE

4 votes

Duplicate questions display experiment

166 votes

Why are so many recent question titles starting with "Say..."?

36 votes

The Ask Question Wizard (2018) is Live!

5 votes

Data science time! February 2019 and opinion with experience

20 votes

Where is Low Quality flag?

13 votes

Is this really what we should consider "unwelcoming"?

27 votes

Now that we can detect "Snark," what are we planning to do with it?

22 votes

“Ask a question” wizard prototype

51 votes

When is Stack Overflow going to stop demonizing the quality-concerned users who have made the site a success?

57 votes

Does Stack Exchange really want to conflate newbies with women/people of color?

3 votes

Triage "Requires Editing" description is (still) misleading

10 votes

Can we do more than just delete rude comments?

4 votes

Raise the limits on down/close votes at weekends, (and especially Sundays)

8 votes

Edits should not mark Very Low Quality (VLQ) flags as Helpful

2 votes

Triage guidance for Requires Editing: "Pull code in from hosting site linked in question", how it is handled in H&I?

0 votes

How is this a bad answer?

29 votes

Is my account data deleted on account deletion?

16 votes

Don't clutter half the screen with things most people don't care for

18 votes

Skipping a review, with an option to follow up and learn how I *should* have reviewed

-7 votes

Reducing the number of low quality posts without excluding potential newcomers to our community

7 votes

Don't count failed post submissions towards post limit

6 votes

Stack Overflow now has its own app on iOS and Android

3 votes

What do I when you got a question ban after a vote down rush?

-28 votes

Are any major improvements planned for the core Q&A engine? Is there any point in contributing relevant suggestions?

14 votes

Bad question locked rather than deleted when it was marked as favorite by some users

18 votes

Is there anything we can do to prevent question blocked users from radically editing their existing questions?

33 votes

Do we reward good downvoters?