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94 votes

How can we stop SO suggesting both C and C++ tags on questions?

22 votes

2017 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

18 votes

Restricting comments.... (and sometimes allowing longer comments)

16 votes

Do accepted answers to meta questions represent official guidelines for the site?

15 votes

Is there a way to find the downvoter/upvoter of a Question/Answer?

14 votes

Why should I post complete errors? Why isn't the message itself enough?

8 votes

So what is the purpose of downvoting an answer?

4 votes

Is it OK to get online help and then answer?

3 votes

How best to canonicalize all the "Python write list(/variable/data structure) to file"-type questions?

3 votes

Should answers to trivial questions be avoided?

1 vote

How do I know if a bad question was salvaged with an edit?

1 vote

Remove dead CSS frameworks from [css] tag wiki

1 vote

Why do strings containing angle brackets get swallowed by the renderer?

-3 votes

Introduce users to the importance of an MCVE when asking about errors with specific code