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Currently interested in:
My passion is delivering awesome products with an intuitive UX in fast-paced environments with a team of motivated people by my side, where everybody can learn from each other. Building them with stable and scaleable architectures in mind is the goal and a challenge which gets my heart racing.

What delights me is working on Audio-Visual Interactive Programming & Animation preferably in JavaScript/TypeScript

Hey, if you are further interested in me, here a resumé of my life:

Right now I'm working at FreightHub as a Team Lead of a 5 people team withing the Engineering department. I started there as a Front-End and UX Developer, helped to launch it in the very beginning, where we were just 2 developers. I like it very much. If you're in Berlin, you probably should join, too. You can influence the world on a global scale through logistics. If that doesn't sound awesome, I don't know what does.

I've worked 2 years as Front End Developer for Oximity. Shipping several features, admin tools, e2e tests and other things.

Previously I worked for 3 years at Fraunhofer FOKUS in the Next Generation Network Infrasctructure (NGNI) department on things like WebRTC, video/audio communication inside web browsers. Made my first front-end JavaScript, GUI (HTML/CSS) steps there. But also back-end with OSGi, JSP, Servers (Jetty/Tomcat), SIP/HTTP/WebSocket servlets etc.

Besides that I'm currently studying at the Technische Universität Berlin in the master course "audio communication and technology", which is a cross between music theory, social sciences and physics (mostly acoustics) and digital signal processing. And this is also the field where I have the most fun currently. I like experimenting with sound, programming, interactive designs and visuals.

On previous episodes of my life:
I have acquired my bachelors degree in computer science at the Freie Universität Berlin (Free University of Berlin) with my bachelor thesis on "Enabling Browser-Based Real Time Communcations for Future Internet Services: WebRTC and OAuth capabilities for FOKUS Broker". Heavy title, with lots of buzz words, but basically I developed an WebRTC client for 2 persons with capabilities like effects, audio/video communication, messaging, photo-upload to DropBox, SMS, SIP call to SIP clients and some others.

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