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87 votes

Pausing the 1-rep voting experiment on Stack Overflow: reflecting on the feedback and rethinking the approach

96 votes

We will launch the 1-rep voting experiment on Stack Overflow for 4–6 weeks, along with account creation prompts

72 votes

January 2024 post from Ryan Polk, Chief Product Officer

71 votes

An old Meta Hound approaches the bowl one more time

107 votes

Take the 2023 Developer Survey

102 votes

I'm standing down as a moderator

79 votes

Stricter trust model in the face of bot flood?

8 votes

Should gold tag badge holders have the right to reopen "some" closed questions single-handedly?

78 votes

Overhauling our community's closure reasons and guidance

153 votes

Two B or not two B - Farewell, BoltClock and Bhargav!

16 votes

Rule proposal: one delete/undelete per post

12 votes

Don't cause the reopen vote of the user, whose edit pushed the closed question into the reopen queue, to invalidate the review

35 votes

Revisiting our logged-out homepage

83 votes

Can we slow down on the deletes on Meta, folks?

20 votes

Is digital design on-topic without HDL code?

11 votes

Stop automatically sending edited questions to the reopen queue

83 votes

Stack Overflow Survey: You're still spending too much time focusing on demographic groups, and not enough time improving site mechanics

45 votes

Is a mod unilaterally reviewing/closing 1500 questions in a single day okay, or too much?

258 votes

Stop using announcement banner for blog advertising

21 votes

Link text does not reflect page that is the destination of the link

240 votes

Feature test: Thank you reaction

13 votes

Stage low-rep comments so that high-rep users can either approve or nuke them

131 votes

Did I just get told off by email? If so, what did I do?

30 votes

Why was this community nominated for a "Webby" award, and why am I compelled to care?

72 votes

What were the results of the A/B experiment where negative question scores were clamped to 0?

6 votes

LQ Posts Review - Error while trying to delete vote after daily vote limit expiry

6 votes

Triage review asks me to upvote, but not giving such an option

9 votes

Name change rate limit can be bypassed

4 votes

Vue.js CDN in development mode

13 votes

Is the number of duplicate accounts on the uprise?

2 3 4 5