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Phil Freihofner
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Composer, Oboist, Database Programmer

My main programming passion is with Java, a language I greatly admire, with an emphasis on games and audio. I've also dabbling with texture generation via Simplex noise but mostly leave the high-powered graphics coding to others.

I have two github repositories:

  • AudioCue: an enhanced version of java's Clip, allowing for concurrent playback and real time control of volume, pan, and speed-of-playback. The tool implements Listeners and can be used with a virtual audio mixer to funnel all cue playback into a single output line.
  • Sivi: a tool for visualizing 2D gradient noise, currently implementing Simplex and OpenSimplex. It is possible to see directly the effect of mixing channels of noise and to have the noise modulate a few simple canned gradients. The settings can be used to write your own procedural noise generation, or, the tool can export jpg, gif, png, and can also make and export z-axis animated gifs.

I also have some sample programs linked at, a portfolio site and can be contacted via email by prepending the url with "phil@".

As far a professional coding, my main experience is with VBA and Microsoft Access, which I have been doing for umpteen years. I've recently completed (12/2020) a 59-hour Udemy course on the Hibernate framework, and two courses on network and application security (Spring/Summer 2020), and am currently studying various "full-stack" topics and JavaFX, while also working on developing audio-related java-based programs for desktops.

My first game programming was with FORTH, in the early 1980's, for a company called Unison World, Inc. (it was purchased and renamed Kyocera Unison after I left, returning to university for my music degree). My first introduction to computer science came from my father, Anton Freihofner II, an IBM employee, who was a primary developer in the 1960's of the Mormon Genealogy database.

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