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27 votes

How do we deal with misuse of "typo/no longer reproducible" close-reason?

0 votes

Why was this answer heavily edited, and should it be reverted?

7 votes

Strictly enforce burninate criteria or relax the burninate criteria

-4 votes

Rename [oracle] to [oracle-database]

10 votes

Is someone botting API key removal suggested edits?

-20 votes

Add a separate filter for "Not about programming or software development" in the close vote queue

-19 votes

Should I use inline code when mentioning a class, function, interface name?

-6 votes

Polygon (formerly Matic) blockchain tags

4 votes

Are moderators allowed to tolerate Islamophobic posts?

6 votes

Is it good to add/keep words like "Error", "Uncaught TypeError", etc. in the title of the question?

-1 votes

Is there a minimum length to consider a question as 'a good one'?

-22 votes

Why did I fail an audit for choosing to close this pure mathematics question? Is this on-topic here?

4 votes

Closed question related to WSL2 and OpenCV with Cuda

6 votes

The [master] tag has been burninated

-1 votes

Comment or edit to inform package deprecation?

1 vote

Is Stack Overflow only for programming topics?

-3 votes

What should I do when the question is fine, but existing answers "need more focus" or are off topic?

7 votes

This tag is not [old] but it could make us [old]

5 votes

Flag as duplicate or answer a question very similar to another, but asks the opposite

-5 votes

Are [xml-entities], [html-entities], and [character-entities] actually one entity?

-9 votes

Where is the dividing line between what database interactions are on-topic vs off-topic on Stack Overflow?

5 votes

What do to with newly created tags that refer to class names or method titles?

2 votes

Do we need [effective-c++]?

-3 votes

Why was my question about a difference in behavior between .NET 4.7.1 and .NET 6 poorly received?

3 votes

Has the community lost interest in burnination?

13 votes

Rule proposal: comments asking for accepts and votes shall no longer be allowed

-7 votes

Retiring Our Community-Specific Closure Reasons for Server Fault and Super User

2 votes

What happened to the posts about Featured Images under the [featured] tag?

1 vote

When is it permissible to update other people's answers for Python 3?

21 votes

How to decrease the quantity of questions about increasing/decreasing quantity with MongoDB and ReactJS

2 3 4 5