Joshua Detwiler

I am a Fall 2019 student at Virginia Tech studying for two degrees:

  • Computer Science
  • Applied Discrete Mathematics

I'm currently in a software assurance position as a SMART intern (a full scholarship that brutally screws over every recipient). I've specialized in a number of subfields in Computer Science including but not limited to: geospatial applications, parallelization, data analytics, machine learning, cybersecurity, computer systems, web development, and computational neuroscience.

I'm staying at Virginia Tech for the coming years to pursue a PhD in Computer Science too. My current area of interest is machine learning, but I could very well lean into one of the other topics I listed above.

At Virginia Tech, I was a teaching assistant for 4 semesters and 3 separate courses, where I sometimes gave lectures (up to 2 hours) and wrote one myself too. I also did undergrad research in machine learning resiliency to memory-based attacks and presented another poster on the clustering of protein interaction networks in human brains. I also built websites like the one my past robotics team still uses and web apps for CS 5704 (Cloud Software Engineering).

I do a lot recreationally. I primarily enjoy studying foreign languages including German, Japanese, and Mandarin so far. I have a handful of translations for music videos scattered around the Internet. I also read a lot when I find the time, and that includes textbooks I find interesting.

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