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-1 votes

Can we have the ability to hit return in comments without it posting the comment?

17 votes

Why do Swift questions on Stack Overflow get marked as duplicates of Objective-C questions?

9 votes

"'Bumping' question after editing" feature should be removed

10 votes

Is showing effort needed?

29 votes

Can't edit question - title already exists

3 votes

Did we really have to delete good content again?

9 votes

Did we really have to delete this 80-vote community wiki answer after three years?

10 votes

How can new users better understand the correlation between SO guidelines and SO community imposed guidelines?

4 votes

Should 'number of lines from Xcode project' really be deleted? Should it be merged instead?

10 votes

Delete historically locked "What is the best way to parse html in C#?"

14 votes

Is "too broad" a valid reason to close a question that doesn't show any research effort?

31 votes

Is it recommended to leave a comment that signatures are removed?

-2 votes

How much commentary is permitted in answers?

7 votes

Why do some people delete good questions?

16 votes

Why was my answer deleted?

4 votes

Is it OK to use comments to highlight a related unanswered question?

207 votes

Is it OK to promote my own code by answering my own questions?

7 votes

NullPointerException Question on Stack Overflow

26 votes

When did I get close-vote superpowers?

13 votes

Is there a rationale for rejecting this code edit from a new user?

9 votes

Should Stack Overflow have a forum where users can talk about anything they want?

5 votes

How is it decided if something is a 'software tool commonly used by programmers?'