Specialized in React Native and AWS Serverless architectures.

I build top products, responsible for architecture design, implementation and integration, and delivery. Self-motivated. Passionate about being responsible for all phases of SDLC. Strong communication with the PO/Client and facilitator for my team members. Agile and result-oriented.

• Amazon Webservices Stack: Cognito, API Gateway, Lambdas, IAM, Cloudwatch, AWS IoT and Dynamodb, EC2, Route53, Serverless Framework. • Mobile Hybrid: React Native, Ionic and PhoneGap. • Mobile Android: Android Studio and JAVA. • Mobile iOS: XCode and Objective-C. • Databases: ORM/ODM’s, SQL, mySQL, mongoDB and ElasticSearch. • Stack Mean: MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS and Node.js. • Stack LAMP: Apache, PHP and mySQL. • JS Package Managers: NPM, YARM and Bower. • JS Frameworks: Angular, React, Ember, Meteor, Redux. • JS build automation tools: Webpack, Gulp and Grunt. • JS Coding Standards: standard, airbnb, eslint and istanbul for code coverage. • CD/CI Build Automation: Jenkins, BuddyBuild. • Development environment:POSIX, *nix, Linux, Centos, Fedora and Ubuntu and VI. • Control versioning: SVN and Git. • Software SDLC methodologies: Waterfall and SCRUM/Agile models. • Testing methodologies: TDD/BDD, functional(unit, integration, system, etc) and non-functional (performance, security, usability, etc), Selenium. • Code Review: Phabricator, ReviewBoard. • Collaboration: Mantis, Jira and Collab. • Web/Mobile performance: Network, minifying, resources optimization. • UI/UX: PASS, SAAS, bootstrap, BEM and Google material design. • Security: OWASP Best practices and standards. • Messaging: pub/sub, request/reply and RabbitMQ. • API’s: GrapQL, Swagger, Strongloop and Restify (SOAP, REST, JSON, XML, etc). • Security Technologies: MD5, DES, SSL, RSA, Certificate Management, OAuth, JWT, GPG/PGP , Kali Operative System (metasploit, Burp, Armitage, etc). • Servers: Apache, Nginx and IIS. • Virtualization: Docker and Docker-Composer.