Hello. I've been an IT admin for many years. In fact, recently I started my own business doing IT consultation. However, I always loved doing web development and I finally became more serious about learning web development about a year ago.

I started with a short course at Mission College where I learned html, css and some basic web development. Then I coded along with one of Colt Steele's courses on Udemy. Last year I completed the Udacity FEND (Front-End Web Developer) Nanodegree with the Grow With Google Scholarship program. I learned quite a bit there. Started with HTML and continued on until we developed a full application in React. It all went by so fast.

This year I am continuing my studies with Angela Yu's course on Udemy. I am working on diving deeper into CSS and JavaScript and hoping to transition my company from IT consultation to freelance web development this year. Meanwhile, I just love to create and code and enjoy all of it. ☕️🤓

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