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8 votes

The tag [chrono] is used for both C++ and Rust

22 votes

What is the procedure for getting blatantly off-topic C or C++ answers deleted?

14 votes

How to be helpful in the scenario: users who simply lack knowledge of domain terminology?

5 votes

Track in real time all new published questions regardless of which tag is used (I want to help edit new questions with formatting errors)

108 votes

I got answer-banned because I answered instead of commented, but I cannot comment

12 votes

How to have a "minimal reproducible example" with Vulkan

7 votes

This question of mine was closed due to lack of focus, but it shouldn't be more focused

12 votes

Are we playing favorites with high-rep users self-answering off-topic questions?

31 votes

In what ways might a 7-day bounty plus 24 hour grace period be used differently than a straight 8-day bounty period?

18 votes

Why do people edit posts?

14 votes

How to restore a derailed question?

8 votes

This answer is a stub. A partial solution for partial answers on Meta

36 votes

Is it OK to create a question for the sole purpose of having a community wiki?

43 votes

Is it unreasonable to use a library in a solution without first asking the OP?

34 votes

The wording on reputation changes about downvoting is confusing

8 votes

Why is line intersection question locked and closed?

-19 votes

Stack Overflow is undermining community standards by promoting an off-topic question in its newsletter

9 votes

What is going on here? C++ madness

10 votes

Is providing an MCE in an answer now considered bad practice?

67 votes

Is it out-of-scope to ask about the up-to-datedness of a book on programming?

8 votes

Question was marked as duplicate, duplicate question was asked 9 years ago, I think the question should be reopened

15 votes

Answerer modifies question in order to re-open it

23 votes

Is it okay to post a bounty to reward a user who should have gotten one, but didn't?

39 votes

How to deal with Vulkan questions caused by disabled Validation Layers

33 votes

Niche technologies and question acceptance and moderation on Stack Overflow

91 votes

Are questions about the motives of programming library developers on-topic?

37 votes

Was I too harsh in my comment on this post?

8 votes

Asking question in multiple tags but only one MCVE

22 votes

Is Stack Overflow too pedantic about "undefined behaviors"?

11 votes

What to do if your question is closed as “Too broad” even if it isn't?

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