IT Consultant and Developer. Currently working mainly on web applications, but ongoing strong interest in spatial data systems, graphics and 3D visualization of all types. Real name if you want to talk to me is Kevin Woolley, but I've been using Cruachan as a handle since helping to run the #Delphi channel on IRC back in the mid-90's (although it's not a unique moniker unfortunately - possibly because it's such a great mountain to climb).

25 years IT experience in numerous business sectors. I've acquired a large cupboard of technologies - from Cobol to Python and OS/360 to iPhone OS with considerable experience as as DBA, Systems Analyst and Project Manager mixed in there too. Obsessive neophile always on the look out for new shiny to play with and still in love with coding - which is why I went Freelance a decade ago so I could make a living doing something I enjoy doing more than anything else. Most recently obsessing over how Python is a really neat language having just completed a medium-sized IronPython project, wondering if I can find any practical excuse to learn Haskell, and finally releasing iPad/iPhone applications (augmented reality!).

Oh - and still on the look-out for the project that will make me a million :-)

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