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Keegan Smith
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I'm an M.Sc. Geography student at Carleton University in Ottawa. My research is on the snow hydrology of a water supply catchment near Iqaluit, Nunavut. The job involves fieldwork (logistics, camping, surveying, designing, building, setting up, and maintaining electronic instrumentation for environmental monitoring, handling/maintaining skidoos and sleds, ATV's, and boats), data analysis (statistical and numerical modeling, geospatial analyses), and a lot of writing and presenting.

I do most of my programming work in R (primarily within RStudio). I use SAGA-GIS as my main geospatial software, which has an R-package interface for automating tasks, as well as a script-based API. I occasionally use ArcGIS, depending on the task - in which case I rely on Python for automation. And most recently, I'm using Fortran for numerical simulations, compiling it with gfortran - so I've been learning more about Linux and bash scripting.

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