Rose Robertson

Working as a JS application dev professionally since 2009ish.

As a pre-teen/teen (maybe starting around '98? I dunno. Time flies.) I was a hobbiest web developer and blogger. Went to school to study programming two years after graduating high school (I actually went right after high school and dropped out because I was a lazy kid. Went back at 20 when I was a bit more motivated and did much better that time, haha.) Been working Frontend jobs ever since, but my focus has been web apps for quite some time.

Have dabbled in other languages like PHP, Python, C#, Erlang, C, and Java, but I am basically a n00b in these areas and haven't touched them for a few years now.

I'm on stackoverflow because I find it interesting to read questions and answers. It's a good way to exercise my mind and learn new things when I have nothing else going on.

I also have a family and other hobbies (dog training/agility! reading fiction! spending time with my kid!) so developing isn't 100% my life, although I do enjoy it a lot :)

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