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Hi, My name is Shailesh Dwivedi, and I have six years of experience developing full-stack applications to scale and integrate the distributed systems. I have completed my graduation in Computer Science Engineering from The Institute of engineering technology.

I am a LinkedIn-certified full-stack developer. I want many hats as a full-stack developer and have not limited myself to just one stack. On backend programming, I use python and PHP, and on the frontend spectrum, I enjoy coding in HTML, CSS, javascript, and frameworks like Angular, Vue, Svelte/Sapper, and Node.I have also designed large datasets on PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB.

I have excellent exposer to REST API design into security. So I know my way around SSL, cookies, tokens, and so on. All my projects were based on TDD (Test Driven Development). Focusing on and resolving application defects, Testing, debugging, and refining the software as a whole.

I had completed more than 30 projects using SDLC processes using soar after technologies. I understand the importance of teamwork, and I am leading a team of 10, including seven developers, two testers, and one business analyst with specific supervision in coding analysis and performing unit testing on applicable codes.

Currently, I am wrapping up with a chatbot application by using Contextual AI and ML. In my free time, I enjoy learning about new emerging technologies and how they will affect the future.

At this stage of my career, I am still very keen and learning new technologies. I want to work for a company which will not only challenge my technical expertise but would also provide me with attractive career opportunity.

Thank you for your time. If you want to reach me, you can find the details in my profile.

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