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Stack Snippets console output
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I've used Firebug JS in a few Stack Snippets, since that is what I became used to on JSFiddle (I have the URL bookmarked). It's not the prettiest solution, because it includes pointless HTML1 (the ...

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Impossible vote count
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Moving my comment to an answer... That refers to the last month (May), rather the last week, since last week isn't completed for the actual month (June) as the last week for the current month ...

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Should I delete my question if suspected it's a bug by the library?
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That might be the best kind of question. I had a similar issue and the question I made has since become my most popular question on SO. Other people will realize they are not crazy when it's a ...

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Placeholder text for birthday is cut off
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I'd solve it by moving the description into the label. Whether it's just there, it's in a less obvious font (smaller, gray, etc.), or it's hidden under a tooltip of some sort. This makes sense to me ...

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