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Add terms like 'i am new to', 'i am a beginner' and variants thereof to the low-quality filter and display a warning
69 votes

Providing helpful hints in response to trigger words or phrases seems proportionate and useful (and I would dearly love an automated response to any question beginning with "i wanna" and similar ...

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Is deleting a question and posting a new one with issues fixed acceptable?
33 votes

If a newbie (or anyone else, for that matter) asks a question, and it starts getting downvoted like crazy, then the most natural reaction in the world is to delete it to save face (and rep). However, ...

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Burninate the tag [safe]
17 votes

Neither of those tags has a tag wiki entry, which is one piece of evidence that suggests that nobody cares much about them. There are various more specific tags such as thread-safety, safety-critical,...

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