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21 votes
Are political profiles that could possibly affect the participations of other users allowed?
Accepted answer
58 votes

I don't think any action needs to be taken, or if it does then other profiles and avatars with political messages should be removed also. To address the points: It's not related to programming. It'...

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12 answers
47 votes
Restrict up vote rights
29 votes

I'm against this proposal, not because I don't agree that there is a problem, but because I think it won't have much of an effect, and has several downsides (see user000001's answer). You have ...

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2 answers
12 votes
Downvote because of a wrong comment on an answer by the author?
6 votes

In general, no. Comments should not be counted as part of an answer. This is for several reasons: It's misleading to someone reading the answer who might think there is something wrong with it when ...

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-10 votes
Change to editing procedure
Accepted answer
4 votes

I'm against this proposal for two reasons: Firstly, as the asker of a question you already have the option of reversing any edits to your question, so there isn't any significantly new functionality ...

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Should the "Time to take a stand" question be closed / moved?
-6 votes

I don't believe that Joel's post is as off-topic as it might appear at first glance. Stack Overflow is not just a Q & A site, it's also an international recruitment agency for programmers, and ...

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Am I not supposed to mention my gender in a question?
-61 votes

This kind of edit seems like it adds zero value An edit doesn't need to add anything of value to be worthwhile, it can be worthwhile if it removes irrelevant information or distracting noise, such as ...

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