Grant Peters

Games Programmer (Engine, though have done game logic for 3 games so far)

Have experience with:
DirectX 8/9/10/10.1/11 (huge focus on shaders)
Virtual Machines (Squirrel as well as my own ActionScript machine)
Multithreading (written many of my own lock-free classes, even have a wait-free memory manager that generally runs faster than window's mem manager)
Template meta-programming
and more...

Have developed games for PC, XBox 360, Nintendo DS and the Gameboy Advanced. Some basic experience with the PS3 as well.

My preferred programming language is c++, but have very strong skills in c# and VB6.0 (although I haven't coded in VB in years, apart from writing excel macros).

Always looking to expand my knowledge of c++ and the inner workings of operating systems and the hardware itself.
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