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I'm a computer and tech enthusiast with a variety of interests ranging from video games to fountain pens.

I stand behind everything I post here. If you find any problems with my posts, feel free to leave comments, edit them, or let me know in chat if you have any questions or concerns.

If you're curious about my answering style, it's inspired by the answers posted by Thaddeus Howze ♦ at Science Fiction & Fantasy. This chat transcript details why I made this change.

I'm also one of the resident spam fighters on Super User and can catch spam others miss. If you suspect that one or more posts are spam, bring it up in the Ask a Super User Moderator chat room, and be sure to ping me—I'm around most of the time. Don't forget to flag blatant spam—it takes just six spam flags from the community to delete it.

It sounds like flagging posts as spam isn't enough; they need to be flagged specifically to your attention (and what are the odds that you haven't already found it). —fixer1234 (source)

If you're wondering about my name, it used to be DragonLord, but I've had to change it due to a bizarre trademark dispute. Feel free to call me Draco or by my real first name Brian.

As an aside, I'm a bit of a photo enthusiast. I shoot with Pentax eqiuipment, and you can find me on Pentax Forums.

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