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0 votes

Preview of Search and Question-Asking Powered by GenAI

7 votes

Testing native, sponsored banner ads on Stack Overflow (updated August 14)

-19 votes

A user's bio has a curse word in it

9 votes

How can I post the same question on a Team and "public" Stack Overflow?

14 votes

Community input needed: The guidelines for collectives articles

52 votes

The Foundations of Collectives and its Future

5 votes

Declining interest in being a moderator

23 votes

Let's draft some guidelines for Articles in Collectives

9 votes

How to address help requests with pirated software

5 votes

Let's make it okay to answer THEN mark a question as a duplicate without closing the page. Let me explain how/why

9 votes

Is there any way I can turn Stack Overflow Meta off?

18 votes

Can I actually buy a copy-paste keyboard like the Stack Overflow April Fool's "The Key"?

11 votes

Revisiting our logged-out homepage

16 votes

Should we stop making martyrs of highly controversial opinionated posts?

14 votes

Is downvoting harmful and should it be removed completely?

45 votes

It is time that we have a Super Downvote!

11 votes

Is there (should there be) a work-aloud tag?

8 votes

My on topic and useful comments are being deleted

3 votes

Can we have Hot Meta Posts (HMP) re-enabled, now that SE has admitted that Meta actually represents the engaged user base?

12 votes

Feature test: Thank you reaction

12 votes

Upcoming Feature: New Question Close Experience

39 votes

CEO's 2020 Kickoff Blog: Where do you see Stack Overflow going?

10 votes

This answer is a stub. A partial solution for partial answers on Meta

-3 votes

Stack Overflow vs. Stack Overflow - What can we as a community do to improve the relationship with the company that backs us?

165 votes

New home page makes it seem like SO doesn't allow free use any more

24 votes

The Stack Overflow I wish to build and participate in is no longer supported

-9 votes

Should we stop commenting altogether?

7 votes

Should we tolerate this kind of sexism

7 votes

Recourse for inappropriate Stack Overflow chat conversation

65 votes

Should the "ask about own post" feature be enabled here on Stack Overflow?