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★ Presently playing with Automation in Containers - Concourse, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Netflix OSS and GoLang

★ Application and Solutions Architecture in heterogenous and complex environment. Love patterns and building distributed architecture for hyper-scale needs.

★ Serverside Javascript - NodeJS. Experimenting with node-harmony (ES6) ★ Front End Javascript Frameworks like AngularJS, Knockout, PureMVC, Backbone etc ★ Learning GoLang and Python ★ MVC and MVVM patterns using .Net, Node PHP and Java ★ SQL and No SQL Database (SQL Server, MySQL & MariaDB, Postgres, Mongo, Rethink, Cassandra, Redis)

★ Product/Project Development Methodology - Agile/SCRUM. Played Product Owner, Agile Coach and ScrumMaster role in multiple organizations.

★ Analytic (Location Based, Predictive Modelling)


★ IT Governance & Strategy

★ E-Commerce, Reward, Loyalty and Bulk Buying

★ Retail Banking and Insurance

★ Electronic Data Discovery

Examples of products I built lately:

★ End to end E-Commerce and Reward platform built in AngularJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, MySQL, WebAPI and deployed in AWS, EC2, S3.

★ Complete reward management platform for one of the largest foot-ware company in India. Application spans across modules like:

  • SMS Gateway
  • Email Gateway
  • Email and SMS campaign Management
  • Sales & Incentive tracking over email, sms, IVR
  • Reward Management (including points management and online redemption)
  • End to end Call Center Management Whole solution is built in angular/node/postgres/redis/mongodb and running in AWS under LoadBalancer

★ Tablet based Remote Patient Monitoring product using WinJS, NodeJS, IndexedDB etc that integrates with devices like EKG, Pulse Oxometer, Weight machine, Blood Glucose Monitor etc for a large Midwest Hospital chain .

★ Tablet based Senior Care product using JQ. JQM and KO, PHP, MySQL, PhoneGap.

★ Re-engineered product (40K+ concurrent customers from around 1500+ accounts).

★ Owned and built complex loyalty platform in Microsoft that integrated multiple licensing, OEM and MDM store and delivered integrated payout, ★ Built mobility strategy landscape (using SAP E&M, Sybase 365 (Mobiliser)) in ANZ bank for their worldwide mobility roll out.

Interest: Build a technology driven business that lasts

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