Brian Gottier

I've been working with web design and web development technologies since about 2003. When I started I was using FrontPage 2000. Shortly after that I switched to Adobe's GoLive. Around 2006 I switched to hand coding because I wanted to create more professional looking websites. I taught myself everything I know by reading books and looking at code online. My involvement in online forums has also been very beneficial.

My back end experience started in 2006, and by 2009 I became interested in PHP frameworks. I started with Kohana, then moved to CodeIgniter. To date, I've also used Slim, Laravel, and my own custom framework, but still prefer CodeIgniter. I do have some experience with Linux server administration, mostly related to web servers, and mostly with Ubuntu. I am very comfortable with Ubuntu because I use it every day.

My front end experience includes years of creating custom themes, and in the last few years responsive web design. I do enjoy Bootstrap 3 and 4, and am fully comfortable with JavaScript (mostly jQuery). I do like to use Gulp and Sass whenever possible.

I actually got into all of this because I own a sewing machine store, and one day our "web master" quit without telling us. I found out 3 weeks later, and in a panic decided I'd do the job myself. As time went by I started working on websites for other people. I set goals for myself, and developed a typical freelance web designer's portfolio. My current goal is to be employed full time in a lead developer position. I'd prefer to work with a local company, and be able to meet with them face to face. It is my experience that face to face communication is always better than what can be done through email, on the phone, or over Skype.

I currently work from home, and dedicate anywhere from 20 to 30 hours a week working on various websites. I am willing to relocate if the right opportunity comes along.

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