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Retirement Notice for My Stack Overflow Account

After much consideration, I have decided to retire this account. While I will continue to vote on interesting questions and answers, as well as occasionally update my own answers, I believe it is time to make way for a new generation of tech enthusiasts to answer questions. If you wish to connect with me, you can find me on LinkedIn at or Mastodon at

I am immensely grateful to Stack Overflow for providing numerous opportunities for professional growth that directly or indirectly stemmed from my contributions to the community. This website has been instrumental in shaping my journey, and I owe much of my current success to its platform.

Thank you, Stack Overflow, for the incredible journey and the invaluable support along the way.

I'm a developer with a solid experience in building scalable / distributed / cloud-native / enterprise applications in the JVM ecosystem. Currently, I'm working as a Senior Lead Architect at Citi and striving to take my own company 7RTC off the ground.

With almost two decades of experience in software development, I've contributed to several exciting projects. For instance, my most recent project was a multi-cloud blockchain-enabled open account automation system written in Kotlin.

A lifetime ago I worked at Ericsson, where I led a team that developed a new-generation Network Manager used by ISPs to run 3G, 4G and 5G Networks using "cutting-edge" technology of its time (2015/2016), such as Java EE 7, JBoss EAP 7, Apache Camel, and OpenStack. If this is not old enough for you, two lifetimes ago I was a "Sun Certified Java Programmer" building enterprise solutions with BEA products such as WebLogic Portal & WebLogic Integration.

Apart from building applications, I'm passionate about sharing knowledge with others. You may often find me giving or organising talks, mentoring new developers, and promoting the benefits of Extreme Programming, TDD, Hexagonal Architecture, and Event-driven architecture. I also frequently write about Agile, Developer Experience, the tech job market, my experience as an immigrant, as well as other random musings on social media.

Finally, I'm an unwaveringly nerdy student with outstanding grades and a research grant since my undergraduate days. I've never stopped attending lectures and conferences, and I occasionally lecture myself.

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