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I am fortunate enough to love what I do. I have worked as a full stack developer, consultant. I specialize in designing and developing successful .NET applications using C# and Web applications using technologies such as Angular, TypeScript, ASP.NET MVC/Web API & Azure Cloud.

Over the last few years, and in my own time I have been self-teaching myself .NET and C# skills in the area on ASP.NET MVC/Web API & on the other hand Angular for the front-end technology and using the Azure cloud as a cloud platform. I have been blogging my progress and creating Open Source projects to flex my skills. I hope to start learning Xamarin stack and creating apps for the Android, IOS & Windows using C# and XAML and hopefully to learn Go lang to work on system programming. I also use my own time to refine my skills and prepare for certification. For example, at the moment I'm preparing to take certification on Azure for developers.

Soft Skills:- I’m a very able communicator, not just via the written word, but I would rather pick up the phone and chat with someone. I’m able to know my audience and understand if I can chat "techie" or not to try and get my point across. I’m confident in my abilities to work with our clients to successfully deliver.

I would say I’m approachable and well-liked by the people who know me, and people whom I work with. Also working within a Scrum environment, you need to be able to work closely as a team and form good relationships and self-organize on a daily basis.

I look forward to meeting you! You can reach me at ✎ jawand.virk@gmail.com

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