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Very soon passionated with math, I jumped over a class at 10, entered a correct high school from my village, got a 27/20 at math at 21, could enter the famous French engineering school Telecom Bretagne in 1993.

There I took Artificial Intelligence, dreaming to make my own Terminator, and had my first serious girlfriend, britannic Karen, who made my English gaudy.

Started to work at with computer at Alten. At EADS Telecom (now Aastra), C became there a fluent language...colleagues became friends, I met a pretty Capucine... I had cool projects with Safran and Thales Raytheon. When a car crashed me 21/06/2000. coma of 3 month, fleeing friends, fleeing girlfriend, fleeing Alten, hopefuly not fleeing C++.

I had the opportunity to create two softwares for Defense with Thales Communications during 16 months of contracts using C, and C++ : one for M51, the other for Fremm frigates. Finding only filthy jobs after that experience (could not find an equivalent level), I started to program my own software, with my own algorithms : the mighty compressor Concept. That's a tough work : even being insomniac, and always carrying a notebook, I still have not finished it, but this improved a lot my skills in C++ and with Standard Library. If any company, needs a beautiful Telecom/Software Engineer, who knows how to use std::maps efficiently, please, don't hesitate to contact me.

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