The developer, formerly known as htmldrum.

Started programming in the late 90's with "Teach Yourself JavaScript in 24 hours" when my website, devoted to Pokemon, needed some interactivity. Almost 20 years later and I've written desktop applications, REST architectures, CMS, websites, test suites, migrations, daemons, servers ... and I'm still writing JavaScript. I've worked in Sydney, Brisbane, New York and New Jersey, migrated from VMware hosts to cloud environments, maintained data centers, outsourced myself, given talks, run LUGs, conducted code reviews, hired juniors and pulled teams out from under buses.

I like working in Agile application development and systems administration teams with Linux ( Debian / CentOS ) through AWS. Languages are less important to me than their semantics but I like C, JavaScript, Ruby and, most recently, Go. I've worked professionally with Vagrant, Chef and Puppet. My DB's tend to be relational ( Postgres, please ) or for a specific purpose ( Redis, Neo4J, CouchDB ). SCM with Git. Project Management with Redmine.

I tend to be the guy who translates requirements into diagrams/schema, setting deadlines and working to all ours of the morning; provided I can find enough coffee.

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