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-8 votes

How can I follow my own question (so I get notice of comments)?

26 votes

Burn the books! Burninate [kernighan-and-ritchie]!

5 votes

Is it valid for a diamond moderator to use their powers to override the closing votes of other users, in order to reopen a question?

6 votes

How old can a question get before it's considered "dead"?

-14 votes

It's time to reward the duplicate finders

20 votes

Why was this answer deleted when it addressed the question?

5 votes

Tag too similar is misspelling?

10 votes

Is 2k reputations a good indicator to gain Editing Privilege?

2 votes

Is my Question not a Duplicate of Another?

-6 votes

A welcoming way to winnow out the "dumb" questions

4 votes

Is there a way to filter out old or beta answers?

-3 votes

The Community vs. The Domain Expert

2 votes

Better Bounty System for Other People's Questions

33 votes

Introducing the Developer Story

9 votes

Allow to add a bounty before first 2 days

8 votes

Pre-flight screening checklist for first/early posts--adaptively pick three items, tune with metrics

7 votes

Should one stop reviewing when they sometimes disagree with review audits?

4 votes

Are inoffensive tongue-in-cheek comments considered bad form?

34 votes

What is the best way to remove locked anonymous down vote?

10 votes

Is it okay to downvote answers to bad questions?

14 votes

Self-promoting book