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34 votes

What is the best way to remove locked anonymous down vote?

33 votes

Introducing the Developer Story

26 votes

Burn the books! Burninate [kernighan-and-ritchie]!

20 votes

Why was this answer deleted when it addressed the question?

14 votes

Self-promoting book

10 votes

Is it okay to downvote answers to bad questions?

10 votes

Is 2k reputations a good indicator to gain Editing Privilege?

9 votes

Allow to add a bounty before first 2 days

8 votes

Pre-flight screening checklist for first/early posts--adaptively pick three items, tune with metrics

7 votes

Should one stop reviewing when they sometimes disagree with review audits?

6 votes

How old can a question get before it's considered "dead"?

5 votes

Is it valid for a diamond moderator to use their powers to override the closing votes of other users, in order to reopen a question?

5 votes

Tag too similar is misspelling?

4 votes

Is there a way to filter out old or beta answers?

4 votes

Are inoffensive tongue-in-cheek comments considered bad form?

2 votes

Better Bounty System for Other People's Questions

2 votes

Is my Question not a Duplicate of Another?

-3 votes

The Community vs. The Domain Expert

-6 votes

A welcoming way to winnow out the "dumb" questions

-8 votes

How can I follow my own question (so I get notice of comments)?

-14 votes

It's time to reward the duplicate finders