Kamyar Infinity

Well, I love to create. I don't care how small it will be. I don't want to make it complex, just simple enough to give the feeling. To express what is supposed to be felt. I use HTML/CSS/JS/WebGL, as they are the tools to bring all these creations to life, to as much people as possible. I like to recreate things as well, most of the time by removing a good amount of the features to come up with a very simple design. That's why I hate navigation menus, that is just a way of making things easy by showing all the possible places that someone can go in one place. I love to rethink all these things, and start from the beginning, no assumptions on how things should be. If we've been doing things a certain way for a good number of years, it won't make it any better. Each day we need to start fresh and lose our memory to be open to new creative ideas.