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82 votes

Take the Developer Survey 2017!

51 votes

Remove the dust on the keyboard

17 votes

Ability to ignore questions from low rep users

10 votes

A step towards stopping spammers

10 votes

What can we do in response to scripts that purport to uncover who downvoted posts?

5 votes

What is the best Triage response for give me teh codez questions?

5 votes

Let's spark controversial answers!

4 votes

After posting the question, I found that I had a mistake in the code. Should I delete the question?

4 votes

Ban boilerplate comments on downvoting as well ( or at least make them one vote deletes )

3 votes

Should I stop including useful tips with my answers?

3 votes

Count number of questions, answers and comments on a tag

1 vote

To curate or to not curate - questions about code-only answers

1 vote

High quality question marked as duplicate of newer mediocre question

0 votes

Are naming convention questions on topic?

-1 votes

Handling questions asking for bad practices and the following answers

-2 votes

How to deal with answers that, while technically correct, don't answer the question?

-3 votes

Does "Time to take a stand" adhere to the Be Nice policy?

-5 votes

How do I disable the new nav or at least stick it to top?

-25 votes

Should the "Time to take a stand" question be closed / moved?