Reiah Paul Sam

Working as a Software Engineer with more than 3+ years of industry experience. A self-motivated, quick learner, problem solver, passion to write good clean code and I love experimenting and learning new technologies of the web.

My role is to understand the technical requirements of the project as per the client’s requirement, build a solution around it which best suits the client and also helps the development team build the solution in the quickest possible way.

Involved from the stages of information gathering to building scope document, I feel each project as a challenge and try to give my best on each of them. I am also responsible in keeping myself updated with latest technologies,

I love writing good code and give a lot of stress in writing good maintainable code. Separation of concerns, good naming conventions, abstracting code where required are some of the key points on which I have a lot of importance during code review.

The Languages & technologies which I have good Hands-On experience is PHP , MySQL , frameworks like Laravel, CakePHP, Moodle, Also a considerable good Hands on experience Clout Solutions Like AWS - EC2, AWS - S3, AWS -RDS and AWS-SES.

And on Server Management I have good experience in setting up a Linux Server and Setting up LAMP Stack and administrating the same, Also I have a good Experience in setting up Nginx Server.

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