Hey there! My name is Noah, and I'm a high-energy, experimental programmer, and I love teaching other people how to program more efficient and stable code.

I run a YouTube/Twitch channel called "FeaturedSpace" (NO WAY!), and there I post daily mini-tutorials that are basically just there to help people out in a pinch, or that want to understand some abstract and not-often talked-about part of a language/infrastructure.

Now in the ninth grade, everything changed. I met my mentor and my most favorite teacher I've ever had, and I've had a lot of favorite teachers. I'm so lucky to have met him in high school when I was still so malleable and pushable in the right direction. Mr. Lindler was, and I quote, an "OG". Now, I'm not here to write an entire Wikipedia page on this man, because rest assured, I already did that. (XD). Mr. Lindler has been the biggest influence on my life ever. He's pushed me to become a better programmer, and I'm far from a script kiddie now. In fact, now I teach the script-kiddies.

If you want to check out the Wikipedia page, I'd highly suggest it. :P


  1. Don't learn C++ unless you understand Algebra (just similar conceptual complexity).
  2. Learn HTML first. Then learn PHP. PHP is not a good first language, but in combination with basic coding knowledge, it's extremely powerful and helps you learn a lot.
  3. CSS is stupid. But it's necessary. Learn CSS. Before it's too late. Script kiddy is still a thing on CSS too.
  4. Find a mentor. Find someone to guide you on your wonderful path through programming. Don't just take it on alone. There are people on this Earth, some of which who were just born good teachers or guides. Use that to your advantage (as well as theirs I'd assume since I love teaching, so I'd assume they do as well).
  5. Be competitive but friendly. Strive to be better, but also get help from your friends. Don't make everything a competition.
  6. If you're socially awkward, embrace it, and just kinda make a joke out of it. It's pretty easy to make fun of yourself, I find.
  7. Just have fun in school. Even though coding is always an afterthought for most districts. Focus on your coding, but don't forget about school. It's important.
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