Hello there!

My name is Manuel and I'm a software developer from México. I mostly like building stuff for the web as my favorite programming language is Javascript but I'm no stranger to other languages and core/advanced concepts of programming.

My skills are mostly focused on application design (archiecture) and quick prototyping; As a Fullstack Developer I can work on both the frontend and/or backend without any hassles and quickly recognize problems to set a course of action for correction. I'm good working by myself or with a team either with me as a leader or learning from others.

Focal points of interest right now: Real time apps, Concurrency, Data Analysis, Decentralized Apps (Blockchain) and projects that can be quickly built with the technologies I know best.

TL;DR I like building awesome stuff, solving intriguing puzzles and learning everything I can in the process with the goal of making a difference for good out there.

Nice to meet you.