Praveen Kumar K S

Multi-Cloud Architect and Site Reliability Automation Engineer with 18.5 + years of experience in Java full stack and have provided robust solution to the complex systems of Financial, Manufacturing and logistics domain. Specialist in Architecting Microservices, High Performance, Scalable, Cloud Native, Fault-tolerant applications.

Key Skills - Multi-Cloud Platform (AWS,Google,IBM), Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Python, Scala, R, TensorFlow, PMML, Spring-Boot, RedHat Decision Manager,AWS S3, Fargate, Route 53, PKS, AWS EKS, Rancher, AWS EMR, AWS Sagemaker,AWS Glue, CloudFront, AWS EBS, OpenShift, 3Scale API Gateway, Netflix and Amazon API Gateway,Kubernetes, Terraform, Hashicorp Waypoint, Docker, Podman, Helm Charts, Spinnaker, Prometheus, Grafana, FluentD, Ansible, Big Data Stack, Spark MLLIB, Cloudera Manager, Hortonworks Cluster, Oshinko Cluster, HDFS, Hive, Pig, Apache Spark committer, Twitter API, Google Intelligent Apps, Google Cloud Solution Architect Professional, ReactJS,IBM Cloud, KNative Development, FaaS, PaaS, IaaS, Apache Kafka Committer, Lab Instructor & OpenSource Contributor.

Favourites: Application Performance tuning (Java Based), Infrastructure Automation (Ansible, Salt, Terraform, Hashicorp WayPoint, AWS Cloud Formation), OpenShift & Kubernetes.