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I've realized what a truly ridiculous place stackexchange really is. Ince a place where someone could actually collaborate to get problems solved it's become a place where you can't even complain about this site's shortcomings. But I will complain about why stackexchange is a haven for control freak moderators who waste their time grammar and spell checking, reformatting and deleting relevant comments and suspending users who don't bend to their will and abuse of power. You know what, your reputation scoring system is lame. What am I an uber driver? I'd rather have a negative score than drink your nasty koolaid. Your badges are lame too. I'm not a boy scout for godssake. I don't need a badge to prove my competence. So go ahead and ban me outright if you must, because I don't agree with anything this site stands for. Your, "site is fine" is what a moderator told me. They couldn't be more ignorant to the truth. What a lame and unproductive waste of time this place is!

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