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177 votes

Developer Survey 2018: Any Topic Suggestions?

123 votes

How was the number of .015% of Meta users calculated?

105 votes

Change the color of the "achievements" icon when it's highlighted (for users with Deuteranopia)

40 votes

Do we want questions specific to one person's lack of understanding of a basic language feature?

40 votes

Should this be flagged for moderator or is this acceptable?

32 votes

Would it be wrong asking questions to an answer-er?

26 votes

Sorry, no [dice]

21 votes

Restrict the same way as

15 votes

So what is the purpose of downvoting an answer?

8 votes

Why can't I be working on my knight moves?

6 votes

Change quote formatting to show double-quote marks

6 votes

"Requires editing" button in first post review?

3 votes

Code snippet gives "Script error." message

2 votes

Answering question in comments - by linking to offsite resource

-4 votes

Stack Overflow Mentorship Research Project

-17 votes

2018 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection