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161 votes

Should we display a warning when users include images?

100 votes

Announcement: New feature notification

84 votes

Can the tag tips be in a non-critical color?

49 votes

Reputable people keep answering duplicates - What's the solution?

48 votes

Asking for a fiddle in comments

37 votes

Tag combinations that suggest re-tagging automatically

34 votes

What's with all the bootstrap-* tags?

27 votes

Put user's comment into his question?

26 votes

Should it be more obvious that stack snippets are only meant for HTML/CSS/JS?

26 votes

I'm getting really, really tired of filtering through the garbage... any tips?

26 votes

Penalty for answering help-vampire questions? Or reward closure?

25 votes

How to know when a downvoted question has been improved?

24 votes

Developer Story for Community ♦

22 votes

Are any major improvements planned for the core Q&A engine? Is there any point in contributing relevant suggestions?

22 votes

I only want to see items related to my favorite tags in the review queues

21 votes

Help Improve The Help & Improvement Queue!

20 votes

Announcing the New Salary Calculator

19 votes

Count number of questions, answers and comments on a tag

18 votes

A brief history of the review queue indicator and the efficacy of recent changes

16 votes

'Looking for a job': currency, localisation, 'more'

15 votes

Can we be more welcoming by managing expectations?

14 votes

Top-bar review drop down can be much quicker

13 votes

Navigation through questions pages is broken

13 votes

New homepage navigation breaks back button

12 votes

Why are really specific questions on how to create shapes in HTML not closed?

12 votes

Get Notified when question is answered

11 votes

No hats on meta?

11 votes

Differentiate between "start" and "halfway through the question" on the Questions screen

11 votes

"Post Your Answer" should be disabled for those users who have already posted an answer

11 votes

Notification when another answer is accepted