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I've been writing software since 1968. I've been a serious php guy since 2000. I wanted to learn Ruby in 2005 but couldn't get it to run on my Macintosh and had to get back to paying work.

Since then, I was an early adopter of the single page app paradigm. In 2010, I was the designer, architect and project manager of an elaborate app that was a gradebook system for school districts (http://expressbook.technology.cmerdc.org) that allowed me to be expert in Javascript and clumsy in C#.

I have continued my interest in PHP and wrote a website framework called multiSite (https://github.com/tqwhite/multiSite) that provides a complete separation of code and content. It allows me to have several websites served by a common code base and allow users to manage their own content. It is used for marketing websites, e-commerce and some working apps.

More recently, I have become a fan of Node JS. I have long preferred Javascript. I enjoy both prototype inheritance and asynchronous techniques. I wrote a substantial API tool that looks at a flat file or database table and serves it as if it were meant to be JSON. There is a matching tool that receives any JSON and converts it to a flat file. These were done for esoteric purposes at my day job.

Recently I have written a fairly complex application that helps school nurses compose individualized healthcare plans for students, both backend and UI (https://ihpcreator.com). I have also done a fair amount of data slinging with a cool application I wrote called Cloverleaf. It's big deal is that it runs jobs that retrieve or disseminate data with persistent munging either way against an internal store in Mongo.

I also made a thing called hxConnector to provide standard AJAX access to an antique database called Helix (https://github.com/tqwhite/helixConnector). It uses Nodejs and AppleScript. It's a fun one I hope will turn out to be useful someday.

Upcoming, I continue to specialize in data oriented applications, both processing and web tools. I imagine I will stick with Javascript for the foreseeable. I know a lot of people don't like it but I find it a very natural fit for the way I think.

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