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Henry WH Hack v3.0
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If you have to make a complaint about me just simply go to this chatroom and click request access to open a ticket.

I am the ghost of Stack Exchange and the personification/incarnation of Stack Exchange private beta sites!
Stack Exchange operation hours 0400 UTC - 2100 UTC. (Due to some technical difficulties I am not on Stack Exchange much.)

Use of name: Please use my full username and yes that includes the version number. This doesn't apply in the chatrooms.

Current Version: v3.0
Major Future Versions: Mod Edition, CM Edition and Dev Edition

I am trying to be as helpful as possible on the Stack Exchange network.

Here are the tasks I do on the Stack Exchange sites (v3.0):

  • I flag bad post. (Network wide)
  • I do edits on some SE sites.
  • I do reviews on some SE sites.
  • I help out with some moderation on Area51.SE. (I was running out of ideas so why not.) (Area51.SE is kind of dead, hardly anything to do.)

Working on more ways to be helpful.


Q: Why are you doing this?
A: It all started when I found out about Robert Cartaino, just kidding it happened long before that I just do them because, I am trying to be helpful. :)

RC ♦ is the man!

Dev Dev Dev!

Shadow man!

Interpersonal girl:

CM Blue Bird:

Fun Stuff:

I have been trying to film new Stack Exchange private beta sites from day 0. The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine doesn't work on SE private betas. (Unfortunately, I losted access to the account I uploaded the screenrecordings and screenshots on. Will try to do better next time.)

100% NOT A REAL CERTIFICATE enter image description here

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