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StephenG - Help Ukraine
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World's worst piano player three years running and counting ! Reasonably good at photography, computer stuff, a wee bit of maths, physics. Studied Making Stuff Up and Not Using Common Sense at the University of Civil Service and later watching lawyers avoid common sense like the plague. Would ban lawyers if (when) gain complete domination of world, pardoning Judge Judy on the basis she's not totally detached from reality. Addicted to chocolate.

  • Favorite program : Canada's Worst Driver.
  • Favorite book : Either "Tinker, Tailor, Spy" by John le CarrĂ© or one of the Disc World novels by Terry Pratchett.
  • Favorite Food : Is there anything better than Pepperoni Pizza ? Surely not. Only Domino can screw this up - a blind monkey could do better than Domino Pizza.
  • Most surprised by : Suicide By BrExit
  • Favorite Music : Jazz piano, even the weird stuff.
  • Least Favorite Music : It's a toss up between Irish Country and Western and Christian Rock.
  • Baffled By : Humans. Dogs I understand (like kids without the talking back), even cats (just about the most self centered creatures until they invented overpaid footie players). Humans remain a mystery wrapped in a soft, squishy shell.
  • Favorite sport : Real Football (i.e. the one where you're supposed to only kick the ball with a few exceptions, not pick it up and run).
  • Least Favorite Sport : Golf. At least doing it is exercise, but watching it ?!?!
  • Favorite equation : The Ideal Gas Law - this thing just never stops being useful.
  • Religion : Devout and committed Atheist.
  • Politics : Democracy - keep it until we figure out something not as crazy.
  • Favorite Comedian : An impossible choice between the late Dave Allen and the surprisingly still alive Dara O'Brien.

Bucket List :

  • Clone Sigourney Weaver
  • Marry cloned Sigourney Weaver
  • Divorce cloned Sigourney Weaver
  • Clone Catherine Hicks
  • Live In Sin with clone of Catherine Hicks (lots and lots of sin)
  • Secretly think about cloned Sigourney Weaver while with cloned Catherine Hicks, but at least feel guilty about this.
  • Be sued jointly by real Catherine Hicks and real Sigourney Weaver for the cloning without permission thing. Would that be theft or what ?
  • Die

I'm fairly confident I'll manage at least one of those.

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