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71 votes

Is Stack Overflow becoming a support forums platform?

70 votes

New Post Notices (Closed/On Hold/etc.) rolling out on Stack Overflow

49 votes

2020 Developer Survey: any topic suggestions?

16 votes

After what I think was an abusive edit should I flag and re-edit back or just flag and wait?

87 votes

We’re removing “Hot Meta Posts” from Stack Overflow's sidebar for now; moderators now control the [featured] tag

5 votes

Why does it still take 5 votes to close your own post?

8 votes

Make it clearer that the "Answer Your Question" button is not for adding more information to the question

-7 votes

Make it more obvious how to exit the Ask Question Wizard

143 votes

🐋😎💩 Can we stop emojis being a part of question titles? 💩😎🐋

47 votes

How do I deal with my own revised solution of a provided answer?

89 votes

Why can't I open the 2019 Developer Survey link?

14 votes

Is mocking the Indian English used by a user abusive?

-7 votes

Reposting comments accidentally moved to chat that don’t belong there

8 votes

How does pointing to an English MDN page instead of its Spanish counterpart deviate from the original intent of the post?

13 votes

"I prefer not to work with" is allegedly not visible to someone contacting me

0 votes

How can I obtain a screenshot of a post that doesn't show my personal voting choice?

1 vote

How do you best research your question before asking it on SO?

9 votes

Is "give me a collection of books" an on-topic question on SO?

0 votes

Why does StackOverflow not support inline #hashtags for question tagging?

0 votes

Second guessing myself - too snarky?

-4 votes

"Nominate this question for reopening?" message misleading

6 votes

Not showing notification when new question arrives

2 votes

'Looking for a job': currency, localisation, 'more'

25 votes

Should I have heavily edited another user's closed post for language/grammar issues?

5 votes

Better colors for bronze and silver badges

8 votes

Consider displaying zero-width space characters in code blocks

4 votes

Is it bad if I try to answer a question based on recently learned material while providing the source?

33 votes

Veterans, have you ever received gratuity through SO?

9 votes

Weird editing experience with question that seemed to use tabs instead of spaces between words

7 votes

Indenting non-code text

2 3 4 5