I am an analytics, tag management and conversion specialist who has worked on a multitude of leading E-commerce solutions, apps and websites using data-driven insight and conversion optimization.

My technical background is as a developer, and I am experienced in working with a variety of languages but mainly I enjoy developing in iOS and MacOS using Swift to leverage CoreData, Cloudkit, UIKit, animations, network APIs, amongst other tools.

I am passionate about working with business stakeholders to break down silos, formalize growth and learning processes in businesses and help improve their sites/apps performance and experiences using a multitude of quantitative and qualitative tools.

I am an expert user and large scale implementer of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager where I typically use data to measure the full business process and help to deliver technically challenging and scalable analytics tracking solutions.

In my spare time, I blog about retail innovation on ConnectedWindow.com as well as run one of the largest hackathon groups in Europe, UK Hackathons and Jams.