Software Engineer in process.

My love to software started when I was around 13 yo. Since then, I used to teach myself how to think like a computer and how to understand them. And now I'm growing as a passionate software engineer thanks to that.

I really do enjoy learning, in every possible way. It's one of the best things that anyone can do. That's why I've taught myself pretty much an 80% of what I already know and that it's actually described next:

My main skills:

  • - ES6, Functional programming, async/sync methods.
  • - Semantic and accessible writing, clean code, DOM manipulation.
  • - Size values, responsiveness, animations, transitions.
  • - Data processing, front-end communication, validation, APIs.
  • - Structure, keys, references, SQL.
  • - React thinking, code splitting, MVC.
  • - IOS & Android development.
  • - Web sockets, microservices, Restful APIs.
  • - Web components, reactive programming.
  • - Front-end framework created, used and maintained by BBVA.
  • - Microservices architecture for web APIs.w

Areas of vast knowledge:

Currently learning:

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