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53 votes

Topic suggestions for the 2016 Stack Overflow Developer Survey

32 votes

Is an answer that just confirms another answer allowed?

20 votes

Why don't you continue to gain 2 rep for edits once you've reached 2k rep?

13 votes

Can we have a code only reason for deletion?

10 votes

Feedback on vote up/down button

9 votes

When recommend an appropriate site for off-topic question?

8 votes

How do I handle duplicates when they are asked on other SE sites?

6 votes

Link in "Help and Improvement" is redundant

6 votes

Why can't we be more aggressive on low-quality posts?

5 votes

Which word(s) need (or need not) to be changed to make this answer proper?

4 votes

In the user profile, make clear what the tag stats mean

4 votes

What if my (duplicate) question is seemingly much better worded than the origin?

2 votes

"What was your first love personal computer?" Really?

1 vote

New profile view on Stack Overflow

-4 votes

Does the same answer imply that the questions should be closed as duplicate?

-36 votes

Can a question be a duplicate if it's totally different?