I work as an On Site IT administrator and work with various tasks ranging from cabling, computer repairs, advanced software troubleshooting and going to systems troubleshooting, code investigation and development.

As our office is using Google Apps (now called G Suite) I am utilising my personal home experience at the office and recently on Stack Overflow. Just in general, I have been using Google Spreadsheets, Docs and the rest of the suite since they were first available. I have started doing Google Scripts from late 2011.

I have formal education in Physics and Biophysics, but courses also covered C++ (Pascal was in grade school) and algorithms, while GAS (and by extension Javascript) is completely self-taught. I also have dabbled in HTML and Powershell. Fairly recently also have done quite a bit of VBS scripting as well as working with HTA. My formal education required critical thinking and an analytical mindset, that is precisely what I rely on in coding.

I try not to provide answers as full code and instead try to get you on track, so you can figure things out yourself as that is the best way to learn in my own experience. As such I will attempt to analyse the code in questions, see what is wrong, explain what goes wrong as I see it and recommend solutions or ways of thinking to solve those particular problems.

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