Computer Science Graduate student with 3+ years of experience with Veritas Technologies, HERE Maps (HERE North America LLC.) and Symantec Corporation. Seeking full-time opportunities as a Software Developer.

Best way to reach: abhijaypatne at gmail dot com

Areas of interest:

Cloud Computing, Distributed Systems, High Availability, Application Development, Big Data using Hadoop, Data Science and Machine Learning techniques for use in real-world applications.

Technical Skills:

  • Programming Languages: Java, C, C++, Perl, Shell, Python
  • Operating Systems: Proficient in Redhat Linux, Ubuntu, Windows and familiar with Solaris 10
  • Web Development: PHP, HTML, JavaScript
  • Mobile App Development: Android
  • Tools And Technologies: Spring Framework, Hadoop, MapReduce, Pig, HBase, Hive, Sci-kit learn, Pandas, MySQL, Oracle 10g, IBM DB2, JDBC, GDB, Git, Eclipse, Net Beans, SVN, JIRA, CVS, LDAP, KVM, Xen, Profilers (Valgrind DRD, Helgrind, Callgrind, Aprof), Gradle, Ant, Maven
  • Software Development: Agile and Waterfall model