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79 votes

How should I respond to comments asking me "why do you need this" or "how does this help you"?

75 votes

What should I do if my question has been completely ignored?

70 votes

Staging Ground Workflow: Canned Comments

68 votes

Is "don't use GOTO because it's bad practice" a valid answer to "how to use GOTO to implement a while loop"?

48 votes

Is my downvoting criterion, based on useless titles, too strict?

47 votes

Question and answers being downvoted, trying to understand why

39 votes

Question does not make sense anymore since software update

38 votes

What should I do when one wants to help a question asker with debugging hints and pointers, but those would be too long for comments?

33 votes

Most appropriate way to write long questions with tests?

31 votes

Are some or all "port already in use" questions on-topic?

30 votes

When it comes to downvotes, can’t we punish the content rather than the author?

28 votes

When should we use code, quotes and bold blocks?

27 votes

The Stack Overflow Catch-22: I can't tell you what is causing my problem until I know what is causing my problem

25 votes

Do you agree that questions/answers on Stack Overflow should be included in code blocks as comments instead of long explanations?

23 votes

Are questions about ChatGPT code okay to ask?

23 votes

Is this comment fine or did I wrongly flag it as "unfriendly or unkind"?

21 votes

A way to reduce the number of questions with only images?

20 votes

Is the Google Cloud Collective "on-topic" for Stack Overflow?

20 votes

Question deleted in 15 minutes, was it appropriate?

18 votes

Close common misunderstanding as duplicate?

18 votes

Is the feedback provided by downvotes to the "question asker" just noise to the "asker"?

17 votes

Need an answer later button

17 votes

Should we add the [python] tag to all [python-*] questions?

17 votes

Not enough attention to answers on question

16 votes

I think the question I closed as a duplicate shouldn't have been reopened

16 votes

Why was this question downvoted so heavily?

15 votes

Is "because it is about elementary material that should be learned by reading a C primer" a valid close vote reason?

14 votes

Requesting code as answers

13 votes

Is a link to the "How to ask" help page a useful comment?

11 votes

How should we handle "weasel words", or unintentionally broad questions that aren't?